1. Bathroom size -measure your entire room, take before pictures, is it adequate or do you want to enlarge it and which wall could be moved and how far? Sketch your floor plan with dimensions, door size opening, window, outlets, drains for shower, sink and toilet.
  2. Any problems with the bathroom functions or floor-plan? Any LEAKS or water damage? Plan for aging in place accessibility?
  3. Keep your bathtub? Replace it, or remove it and create a shower? Experts say the average person uses their shower 60 hours a year!!
  4. Your budget will limit your options. If you have time and will continue living there consider a home equity line of credit or home improvement loan so you can SPLURGE on a few things you love. If you are preparing to sell you might simplify.
  5. Find pictures of bathrooms, vanities, showers, porcelain tile (12×24 certified, rectified-edge tile for shower walls), flooring, backsplashes, faucets, shower head or sprayer, medicine cabinets, exhaust fans, custom shelving, etc that you like. Perhaps you long for a bathroom you saw in a hotel or at a friend’s house. Price materials – with your measurements in hand shop Lowes, Home Depot, Ferguson, Tile and Flooring stores, and take pictures, get samples. Narrow down to decide what you like that is within the overall budget and will fit in your new bathroom footprint.
  6. Faucet Fixtures, lights, towel bars, grab bars, mirror in brushed nickel or another finish, paint color samples, art, throw rugs?
  7. When you have those decisions clarified and narrowed we can talk about the LABOR we can provide to make it a reality.
  8. When planning your new bathroom consider the layout function and how many “wet walls” with plumbing and drains will be needed. It’s expen$ive and time consuming to move drains.

C-ville Neighborhoods where we often work: Lewis Mountain, Belmont, North Downtown, Fry’s Spring, Locust Grove, Greenbriar, Rugby Hills, Belmont Station, Johnson Village, Village Place, Dunlora, Belvedere, Mosby Mountain, Four Seasons, The Meadows, MillCreek, Redfields, Pen Park area, Willoughby, Pantops, Woodbrook, CarrsBrook, Still Meadow, Northfield, Hollymead, Forest Lakes South, etc

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