1. Neutral cleaners: Neutral solutions with a pH of 7 (just like water) are preferred for tile and grout. Consider cleaners made specifically for tile and grout first or turn to a mildly alkaline detergent (i.e. Mr. Clean, Spic and Span). Note, neutral cleaners are the only cleaners recommended for colored grout.
  2. Takeaways: NEUTRAL cleaners made specifically for tile and grout are the best option to clean your ceramic surfaces and grout when water alone won’t work. If neutral cleaners aren’t strong enough, try a mildly alkaline detergent — but NEVER an acidic cleaner.” For regular light cleaning of ceramic surfaces, all you need to do is:
  3. Sweep: Your first step is to sweep away dust, crumbs, and other debris that have accumulated since your last cleaning. Take this time to sweep or clean any throw rugs. If you’re cleaning a porcelain tile counter rather than flooring, simply wipe off crumbs.
  4. Wipe with water: Next, wipe the porcelain with clean water. That’s right: water alone is enough to clean lightly soiled ceramic surfaces. No harsh chemicals are necessary! If you choose to use a mop for your flooring, be sure you have swept up debris beforehand and use a flat mop rather than a sponge mop to keep from pushing dirty water into the grout lines.
  5. Dry: Dry your porcelain thoroughly after wiping with water, either by air-drying or using a microfiber cloth (a dry flat mop is great as well).

Source- Tile Council of North America (TCNA).

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