American Standard Toilets at Lowes

Mark, I want a new TOILET. Could you come by and see if you think I should order a 10” toilet? I measured from the wall and I think that’s what I need, but I’d appreciate your opinion before I order it (1 choice via Ferguson’s). Then fix the flange, remove the old one and install a new water-sense toilet for me?

Answer: Yes we will measure so you get the right-sized toilet and install it for you. We also provide info on a low-flow toilet rebate of $100 that you could receive if your home was built before 1994 and you replace a 3.5 gallon per flush with a Water Sense certified low-flush toilet.

Question above was from a Charlottesville, VA homeowner in the Greenbriar neighborhood.  Lets upgrade your old water-wasting toilet too, email us at [email protected]

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