We recycle and donate reusable building-materials to The Habitat for Humanity Store. We partnered with The Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) to test & improve homes total energy efficiency. Every leaky faucet we replaced saves 20+ gallons of water a month and new toilets conserve even more! Learn about faucet-aerators and new “water-sense” certified products to conserve WATER. We have a deep love for the Rivanna River, Sugar Hollow and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Service area is 10-mile-radius around the UVA Rotunda (so neither Crozet nor Ruckersville) to reduce carbon emissions from our daily commute.

Green field

Resources to help you conserve

Empower people & businesses with the RESOURCES to be more environmentally sustainable.

Old oak tree

Tree Stewards

Trees reduce carbon. Learn, volunteer, plant or become a tree steward in C-ville area.

Mark and his dad digging for potatos

Farm Markets & CSAs

Buy fresh & local at FoodHubs, farm-markets or join CSAs like  4P foods, Bellair Farm Organics. We actively support Farmers and worked on an organic farm years ago.

Look for WaterSense plumbing fixtures

Look for “Water sense” EPA certified bath faucets, shower heads and toilets conserve water in your home.

Learn More at American Standard products that meet these standards. Also consider using faucet aerators to decrease the gallons of water per (gpm) minute.

DIY Tips to Reduce Your Water Bill

  1. Put a drop of food dye in the TANK of your toilet, then if the dye appears in the bowl below you have a LEAK.
  2. Check under sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, toilets for moisture that indicates leaks.
  3. Visually inspect the water shutoff VALVES under your toilet. Catch and prevent water leaks before they damage your home.
  4. Replace rubber pressurized water hoses with durable steel mesh HOSES to dishwashers and washing machines.
  5. Upgrade to a water-sense efficient WATER HEATER or toilet while they are on sale. Average water heater life is only 10 years – is the install date on yours? New water heaters are better insulated inside. Old water heaters need insulation outside. Put a water alarm under it so any leaks are announced immediately! Old water heaters upstairs can leak and create expensive water damage $$ to framing, ceiling and drywall.
  6. Add faucet aerators.
Reduce your carbon footprint